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A fire safety systems provider offering a
complete range of design, supply, install, commission and maintenance of active
fire detection systems.

A voice alarm system is installed with the safety of staff and general public in mind.

It is a system that assists in the effective evacuation of an area or building during a fire, bomb alert or other emergency. A voice alarm system can also be used to make public address announcements, broadcast advertisements or background music. All broadcasts, be they live announcements or recorded, can be sent to all areas of a site or to selected areas (referred to as zones).

From the reliability and performance of the Voice Alarm System depends the success of the evacuation operation, and therefore the most important issue is the quality of the it’s elements e.g. cable installation, which must be made of high temperature resistant materials, to ensure continued operation of the system even in the event of a fire.
We supply, repair and Voice Alarm Systems using only proven industry leading technology.

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