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A fire safety systems provider offering a
complete range of design, supply, install, commission and maintenance of active
fire detection systems.

An undetected gas leak could present an explosive hazard resulting in structural damage or loss of life.

We can design, supply and maintain gas detection units for a broad range of clients throughout Ireland. With access to some of the leading manufacturers, our systems cover Flammable and Explosive Gases, Toxic Gases and Refrigerant Gases.

We have a range of combustible gas sensors for the detection of combustible gases such as Methane, Hydrogen Acetylene, Propane, Hexane and LPG.

Electrochemical sensors are available for the detection of toxic gases such as CO, CL2, HCL, HCN, H2S, NO, NO2.

We perform maintenance on gas detection systems in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations or a customized maintenance program can be developed for each particular customer.

We supply, repair and maintain gas detection systems using only proven industry leading technology.

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