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Fire safety training is a legal requirement for staff members. The training is tailored to specific job roles. The staff members may have to tackle small fires with a fire extinguisher. In this instance the Fire Extinguisher Course would be recommended.

If you have a large operation it may be necessary to have a Fire Marshal. This requires additional training in order to ensure they can perform their role effectively. The Fire Marshall will be trained in Evacuation procedures and managing fire prevention.

Fire Safety Course

Current fire safety legislation

  • The effects of fire on companies
  • The chemical processes that result in fire
  • The causes of fire
  • Effective evacuation procedures
  • Preferable staff reactions to fire
  • Fire protection methods
  • Fire extinguisher training

Fire Extinguisher Training

The process of fire extinguisher identification

  • Selecting the correct extinguishers for different types of fire
  • Fire extinguisher features
  • How to use of fire extinguishers correctly
  • Hands On demonstrations

Our training programmes include live fire fighting demonstrations in a controlled environment. Fire extinguisher training cannot be underestimated as the confidence gained will produce results, ranging from giving assistance to fire fighting professionals to stopping a blaze in the early stages before it spreads.
All trainees are given certificates of the skills they have gained. Beltane Fire will tailor the course content so it suits your business operations.

Courses include:

  • Fire extinguisher locations on your business premises
  • Fire drill and evacuation policies
  • Assessment and recognition of fire risks in your workplace
  • General fire safety methodology and procedures
  • The roles of staff members in the event of fire


Our programmes include all of the essential information presented in an accessible and effective manner and allows trainees to enquire about all matters pertaining to fire safety.

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