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Emergency Lighting

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A fire safety systems provider offering a
complete range of design, supply, install, commission and maintenance of active
fire detection systems.

In the event of a fire the main power supply can be cut off. Without power there is no lighting and this can cause a hazard to the occupants of the building. This would impede your evacuation and cause injury and panic for the occupants. Emergency lighting is essential to ensure the safe evacuation of a building and prevent any harm to the occupants. Emergency lighting system will light the way when the main power fails.

Beltane Fire will install, commission, service and repair emergency lighting systems. We will identify the main areas that require Emergency Lighting. Providing lighting on stairs, corridors, doors and exits. Directional lights are used to guide a safe exit. These are suitable for interior and exterior use.
We supply, repair and Emergency Lighting systems using only proven industry leading technology.

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